Launch of the Private AI Collaborative Research Center

Borsetta, Avast, and Intel launched a new collaborative research center “Private AI – Security and Privacy for Decentralized ML” that I coordinate.

The center includes the following schools and researchers:

  • CMU: Virginia Smith,
  • NU Singapore: Reza Shokri,
  • TU Darmstadt: Ahmad Sadeghi, Thomas Schneider,
  • U Louvain: Axel Legay, Thomas Given-Wilson,
  • U Southern California: Salman Avastimehr, Murali Annavaram,
  • U Toronto: Nicolas Papernot,,
  • U Waterloo:  N Asokan, Florian Kerschbaum,
  • U Würzburg: Alexandra Dmitrienko,

The mission of the center is to explore new algorithms and architectures to improve the security and privacy of decentralized and federated machine learning. Besides publishing groundbreaking research, a particular focus is on making the research practically useful by validating the results using real-world pilots and case studies.

More information can be found on the PrivateAI Homepage.