Publication: SCIoT: A Secure and sCalable end-to-end management framework for IoT Devices @ ESORICS 2018

Our paper on scalable IoT management has been accepted at ESORICS 2018:

  • Ambrosin, Moreno ; Conti, Mauro ; Ibrahim, Ahmad ; Sadeghi, Ahmad-Reza ; Schunter, Matthias : SCIoT: A Secure and sCalable end-to-end management framework for IoT Devices. In: 23rd European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 2018), 2018, Barcelona, Spain.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting billions of smart devices. One of
the emerging challenges in the IoT scenario is how to efficiently and securely
manage large deployments of devices. This includes sending commands,
monitoring status and execution results, updating devices firmware, and
interactively resolving problems.

In this paper we propose ScIoT, a Secure and sCalable framework for IoT
management. ScIoT guarantees low complexity in terms of communication,
storage and computation on both managed devices and the management entity.
ScIoT enables secure management of large deployments with a single low-power
management device, by leveraging trees of common untrusted intermediate
infrastructures. ScIoT brings three technical contributions: (1)~a domain-independent
management specification by means of extended finite state
machines, which specifies states and desired transitions to describe the whole
management process; (2) a protocol for securely and efficiently distributing
applicable transitions of the automaton corresponding to commands; and (3) a
protocol for securely aggregating status responses from the managed nodes
using a tree of untrusted nodes. We show feasibility and efficiency of
ScIoT by both a proof-of-concept implementation of the client agent on
— an operating system for the IoT, and a large scale
evaluation, using realistic assumptions. Our thorough evaluation highlights
the efficiency of our command distribution protocol, as well as the small
(logarithmic) runtime and overhead of data collection.


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