W3C-Tracking Protection: Release of First Public Working Drafts

Today, the W3C Tracking Protection Working Group has released its First Public Working Drafts (FPWD):

“To address rising concerns about privacy on the Web, W3C publishes today two first drafts for standards that allow users to express preferences about online tracking:

These documents are the early work of a broad set of stakeholders in the W3C Tracking Protection Working Group, including browser vendors, content providers, advertisers, search engines, and experts in policy, privacy, and consumer protection. W3C invites review of these early drafts, expected to become standards by mid-2012. Read the full press release and testimonials and learn more about Privacy.”

This release has triggered an entry in IBM’s Privacy Blog as well as a series of news items. My involvement in the W3C DNT Working group is partially supported by the EU TClouds Project.

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